Rent a house amongst the Tuscany hills

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"L'Ortènsia"  - front of the house

House & Rooms                                                                                                             


The house takes on the name "L'Ortènsia" because of the Hydranges that have been planted in the front and back garden by it's owner.     It is the first house situated at the top of the little ancient village and has also been recently restored and brought to it's original splendour - quaint and earthy.


Plan of the house

  • it is a two storeys house

  • it is fitted out for four persons  

upstairs:  a double bed-room and the bathroom





upstairs: Double bedroom 

upstairs:  Bathroom 

1st landing:  seen from bedroom



downstairs:  the second bedroom with divan-bed where one can also relax and watch TV, adjacent to it, there is a large living room with a kitchenette furnished with an oven, frig, freezer and dish-washer.      There is an indipendent heating system and a typical grey-stone fire place.


above left:  2nd bedroom - divan-bed              above right:  living room

below left:  living room

below:  kitchenette

below:  looking towards front door


  • Above all, there are two well equipped little gardens:  the one in the front,  is where one can still relish the afternoon sun by relaxing on the benches.    The back garden has an out door barbecue.    Both gardens allow one to enjoy the fantastic relaxation and to admire the  wonderful Tuscan landescape.

Plan of the house


A cosy fire on a cool day

Backyard Barbecue Back door


Swimming pool
  • During the hottest hours you can be refreshed by diving into the swimming-pool that is set amongst the green.


View from swimming pool

Looking down onto the romanesque church

Swimming -pool